Hungarian Pastry Shops

Budapest is worth a trip for the pastry shops alone. On my second full day in Budapest, I visited four. 

The day started with a chocolate swirl roll at Budai, the pastry shop around the corner from where I was staying.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

I continued on to A Table, a French pastry shop located in Szell Kalman square, where I had a lovely eclair and a fruit pastry.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

In the afternoon, Anna and I stopped by Auguszt, a family-run pastry shop near where she lives.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Finally, we finished with cake at Daubner.

Untitled photo

Om nom nom. I would move here for the pastry shops alone!

By Ross in Travel on Fri 11 July 2014. Tags: Hungary, food


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