Delphi to Meteora

This morning I woke up at 0500 to go to Meteora, which was also highly recommended to me by several people. All I knew about it was that there were monasteries on the top of rocks. That sounded pretty cool to me, and I was excited to check it out.

The only problem is that getting from Delphi to Meteora is not straightforward. There are many threads on websites like TripAdvisor about this, but no one seems to have found a good solution. One way is to take several buses in succession (Delphia -> Lamia -> Trikala -> Kalambaka), but I was doing this on a Friday, and the first bus does not leave early enough on Fridays to make this happen. 

With the advice of the attendant at the bus station, I found another way.

  • Take the 0530 bus from Delphi to Livadia. This drops you off at the bus station in the center of Livadia about 45 minutes after leaving Delphi. (About 4 Euro)
  • Take a taxi from the bus stop (the taxi stand is right across the street) to the train station. The train station is about 8 km away and is essentially in the middle of nowhere. (About 9 Euro)
  • Take the 0953 train directly to Kalambaka. This train originates in Athens and is scheduled to arrive at Kalambaka at 1318. It ended up arriving almost 45 minutes late (About 12 Euro)

Note: it might be difficult to do this in the other direction, since the train station is so isolated that getting a taxi back to the center of town could be tricky.

This itinerary was a little inconvenient -- it required getting up before dawn and involved a three-hour layover at an isolated train station -- but it worked perfectly. Had I known how isolated the train station is (and what time the train was scheduled for), I might have hung out at a cafe in Livadia for a few hours and taken the taxi around 0900. In any case, I got to Kalambaka in one piece with plenty of the day left to explore.

Here is the middle-of-nowhere Livadia train station.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

When I arrived, I was the only one there other than the two canine station attendants.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Most of the train cars in Greece are covered in grafitti.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

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