At this point, I have laid out all the gear for my trip, and it should fit in my 12L pack with room to spare. While I will not list every item in my pack here, the articles of clothing and the more interesting items I am bringing include:

  • Gregory Wasatch 12 pack - I found this pack on clearance online. it is approximately the size of the messenger bag I was originally planning on carrying, and is considerably more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • Kuhl Kontra Air pants - lightweight, vented pants designed for hot weather. The folks at Kuhl insist that they will dry quickly despite their relatively high percentage of cotton (65%), so hopefully that is indeed the case.
  • Ex Officio Nomad shorts - 100% nylon, quick dry and very packable
  • Ex Officio quick dry underwear x 3 - best ever, 'nuff said.
  • Icebreaker Marino wool T-shirts x 2
  • Smartwool NTS lightweight crew - in case it gets cold.
  • North Face Leonidas jacket - waterproof, wind resistant, and does not crinkle like a trash bag.
  • Tilley Airflo hat - virtually indestructible, plus provides UV protection, so all-around win.
  • SmartWool PhD Running Ultra Light Micro Socks x 3
  • North Face Hedgehog IV GTX hiking shoes - After twisting my ankle skiing back in February, these lightweight shoes also provide good ankle support
  • Sony RX-100 camera - up to now, I have exclusively used Canon cameras, but this Sony camera has gotten great reviews and has a relatively large sensor for a pocket-sized camera, so I am hoping for the best.
  • iPad mini 32GB with Logitech folio keyboard - for journaling, ebooks, and internets.
  • Pacific Shaving Company shaving oil - one tiny bottle, only five or six drops needed for a comfortable shave. This stuff is amazing.
  • Method 8x concentrated laundry detergent - for hand washing of clothing. I also have a small amount of parachute cord for a clothesline.

Here is all my gear nicely laid out:


And here is everything all packed away:


There is less room to spare than I had hoped, but it all fits. I am also not currently using the hip belt pockets, which should be useful for things I want to be easily accessible.

By Ross in Travel on Thu 05 June 2014. Tags: travel


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