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Overnight Ferry

By Ross in Travel on Tue 24 June 2014. Tags: Greece, transportation

I returned from the hike around 2030, later than I had anticipated. I picked up the rest of my things from Mme Bassia and bought a ferry ticket for the 2200 overnight ferry to Athens. (The only ferry from Chania to Piraeus runs overnight). It was too late to catch the public bus to the modern port, so I wound up taking a taxi. 

The overnight ferry has sleeping cabins with differing number of bunks and degrees of comfort, depending on how much you are willing to pay. I had an economy class ticket, which meant that I did not get a cabin at all and was relegated to the lounge. The strategy was as follows:

  • Claim a section of one of the long couches in the lounge
  • Wait until they are done serving food and drink
  • Curl up on the couch, using backpack stuffed with spare clothes as a pillow

This worked, but I had to add another item betwen steps 2 and 3:

  • Wait for Greece to beat Ivory Coast in the World Cup

It was an exciting football match, and pretty much all the passengers were watching. When Greece won (2-1), the fans cheered so much that they would have literally rocked the boat had it not been a very large, essentially unrockable ferry.

I finally got to sleep in style and comfort, and was woken up in the morning when the crew started serving breakfast and coffee in the lounge. I disembarked around 0630 and headed to the metro station for a day of museums in Athens.

All in all, the overnight ferry, economy class, was a very nice ferry. Plus I got transportation and lodging for the price of transportation, so I really cannot complain.