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By Ross in Travel on Thu 26 June 2014. Tags: travel

After completing the Samaria Gorge hike, I noticed an approximately 8 cm tear in the rear of my Kuhl Kontra Air pants (the only pair I had). This was not part of the plan.

Untitled photo

Other than the whole not-lasting-more-than-eighteen-days thing, I really liked the pants. They were well ventilated, comfortable in hot weather, and quick drying. In any case, I considered sewing a patch, but the buttock area is prone to strain, and I did not think such a solution would hold for very long.

So I found myself in the market for another pair of pants. I figured there had to be a hiking store somewhere in Athens, but I could not find one in any of the touristy areas. I went to the tourist information center near the Acropolis and asked the people there what to do (they had helped me before when I was looking for cheap food, which led me to a great souvlaki place at Monastiraki).

They found a place for me to go (Dimitriadis) and even called them to get directions by public transportation. When I got there, there was very little that was my size (long inseam but relatively small waist). I finally found a pair of lightweight hiking pants made by Fjallraven which had the right waist size. Their pants have an extra long inseam, and you have to hem them yourself (they provide thread in the correct color). Which I then proceeded to do. Eyeballing the hem lengths, since I had no measuring or marking devices. Using extra needles in the place of pins and nail clippers for scissors.

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The pants were slightly expensive, but they are comfortable and even have a fold-up inside pocket which can serve in place of a money belt. Who could ask for anything more?


By Ross in Travel on Thu 05 June 2014. Tags: travel

At this point, I have laid out all the gear for my trip, and it should fit in my 12L pack with room to spare. While I will not list every item in my pack here, the articles of clothing and the more interesting items I am bringing include:

  • Gregory Wasatch 12 pack - I found this pack on clearance online. it is approximately the size of the messenger bag I was originally planning on carrying, and is considerably more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • Kuhl Kontra Air pants - lightweight, vented pants designed for hot weather. The folks at Kuhl insist that they will dry quickly despite their relatively high percentage of cotton (65%), so hopefully that is indeed the case.
  • Ex Officio Nomad shorts - 100% nylon, quick dry and very packable
  • Ex Officio quick dry underwear x 3 - best ever, 'nuff said.
  • Icebreaker Marino wool T-shirts x 2
  • Smartwool NTS lightweight crew - in case it gets cold.
  • North Face Leonidas jacket - waterproof, wind resistant, and does not crinkle like a trash bag.
  • Tilley Airflo hat - virtually indestructible, plus provides UV protection, so all-around win.
  • SmartWool PhD Running Ultra Light Micro Socks x 3
  • North Face Hedgehog IV GTX hiking shoes - After twisting my ankle skiing back in February, these lightweight shoes also provide good ankle support
  • Sony RX-100 camera - up to now, I have exclusively used Canon cameras, but this Sony camera has gotten great reviews and has a relatively large sensor for a pocket-sized camera, so I am hoping for the best.
  • iPad mini 32GB with Logitech folio keyboard - for journaling, ebooks, and internets.
  • Pacific Shaving Company shaving oil - one tiny bottle, only five or six drops needed for a comfortable shave. This stuff is amazing.
  • Method 8x concentrated laundry detergent - for hand washing of clothing. I also have a small amount of parachute cord for a clothesline.

Here is all my gear nicely laid out:


And here is everything all packed away:


There is less room to spare than I had hoped, but it all fits. I am also not currently using the hip belt pockets, which should be useful for things I want to be easily accessible.